Chapter Leadership

MM Demangone

Collegiate Chapter President

Lauren Fitzwater

Vice President of Operations

Rebecca Moglin

VP Chapter Programming and Development

Lexi Kronowitz

Vice President of Membership Experience

Kristen Choi

Vice President of Community Relations

Grace Malinger

Director of Administration

Eva Barnes

Director of Facility Operations, Greek Sing Dance Chair

Angela Huang

Director of Member Finances

Rianna Nag

Director of Financial Operations

Aubrey Esper

Director of Risk Management and Wellness

Allyson Aufman

Director of Ceremonies and Rituals

Riya Senthil

Director of Academic Excellence

Rachel Hart

Director of Lifetime Membership

Eve Ham

Director of Recruitment Events

Saanika Chauk

Director of Member Selection, Craft Booth Chair

Mahitha Chaturvedula

Director of First Year Experience

Tiffany Zheng

Director of Social Events, Booth Technical Plans Chair

Sabrina Valente

Director of Philanthropy

Bella Amara

Director of PR and Marketing, Overall Booth Chair

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